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I remember when I was a young girl and would run up to my bedroom after school to listen to music and dance around to the beat – or maybe it was to the beat of my own drum –regardless, for me my bedroom was my stage, the radio was my band, and somewhere in my vast imagination there were hundreds of people cheering me on, longing to be entertained.  Dancing like this made me feel so alive and free – it made me feel significant and glorious.  Oh to be kids living in the present moment without a care to what others think about us…wow, now that’s a beautiful thing!




How do we get back there? To that place where we did not care what we looked like to the outside world; we simply cared about how we felt on the inside.

I have been blessed with many great life experiences and valuable life lessons throughout my career as a fitness and dance professional.  I’ve had the opportunity to take an intimate look at what makes a person truly happy.  Clients I have had the pleasure working with over the years have helped me to realize that we as humans, no matter what our size or physical limitations, just want to move and feel successful at doing so!  Whether it’s through playing sports, games, competitions, exercise, yoga, group fitness – it doesn’t matter, we all are meant to express ourselves physically in some way.

To this day, I have an undying need to express myself through movement.  Later on in life, I embodied the saying, dance like no one’s watching. I believe my purpose in this lifetime is to help others find their passion through what I call, Movement Therapy.  I use this as an umbrella term in which I am able to integrate the wide variety of services I have created for dancers, non-dancers, and soon-to-be-dancers.  As a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, I seek to find those who desire to improve their lives through creative physical expression, exercise, dance, wellness education, balanced nutrition implementation, and positive imagery.

I am the person who will support you along your journey toward a better life.  A life you want and are ready to put in the time to work for.  My motto, Envision – Empower – Enhance, can be applied to you, the busy individual looking to find a healthy balance between work, play, and every day.  There is so much you have to offer in this life.   Know that it’s OK to ask for help when trying to reach your goals.  Let’s work together to make your goals come to fruition.  It’s time to let go of judgement, let go of insecurity, and let go of excuses.  No goal you have should ever be judged as being too big.

The time is now for us to join forces and dance, like no one’s watching!

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