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Why Isagenix?   Aubrey JWA Isa side

As a certified nutrition specialist, I believe that Isagenix is hands down the best addition one can add into their diet to “fill in the gaps”. By gaps I’m referring to the days were it is unrealistic to pack all the food you need to eat during the day and meal prep ALL THE TIME.   That’s usually why we fall victim to making poor food choices.  Fast food – YIKES!

Has this happened to you…

You’re out and about with your kids on a Saturday and it’s the middle of day. It’s not quite time for dinner, but you and your family are soooo hungry! So, what’s it going to be? Drive thru? Buffet? Candy aisle at Target? Arghhhh!  Here’s where Isagenix comes in to save the day. Say “bye-bye” to the fast food (that’s not real food anyway) and say “hello” to undenatured whey isolate protein that is delish and an excellent choice that kids and teens love too. No chemicals, no artificial ingredients and the whey isolate protein is 99% lactose free, derived from grass-fed, hormone-free cows in New Zealand.  Vegan options are available too!

Isagenix has helped me and my clients succeed tremendously at reaching our health goals without feeling deprived or like we are “on a diet.”

Try any Isagenix product or system risk free! 30 day money-back guarantee!

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I began using Isagenix in 2012 when my good friend and exercise physiologist, Andi Martin, introduced them to me.  After researching the products and learning the high quality of undenatured whey isolate that came from grass-fed happy cows in New Zealand and that all of their products were void of artificial sweeteners, I was anxious to put the supplement line to the test personally.

You see, I grew frustrated over the years when coaching clients to help them to lose weight through a balanced diet and exercise program.   It was very challenging to have people stick with the healthy behaviors. Most people I coached loathed food journaling (as do I) and despised constant meal prep and calorie counting. In my past, I myself have struggled with weight – primarily because I had a very poor relationship with food since I was a little girl. From the age of 12 until I was about 27, I battled with anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder. Once I was able to manage my love/hate relationship with food, I was finally ready to help others in need – and I could relate to their struggles too!

Fast forward to the present. My husband and I decided to put the 30 Day Fat Burn and Cleanse System to the test. I knew that I first had to go through this program to see exactly what I would be recommending my clients; I felt that if I could make it through the 30 days, they could too! I did this because I grew tired of working with clients day-in and day-out and them not getting the results they wanted out of our nutrition consultations quickly. Let’s face it, in today’s world it’s a challenge to have people stick with things that they don’t see results with quickly. Therefore my drop-off rate was high.

A few good friends joined us on our quest. I created a private Facebook support group and we helped each other embrace our first Cleanse day – which was nowhere near as tough as my mind conjured up! By the end of April, I was a NEW woman!

I am also a fitness competitor and a sponsored athlete with Cathy Savage Fitness. In all my years of competing I was NEVER able to achieve the lean look that I have today! I made my Cleanse days my “shred” days! This inspired me to throw my hat into the ring and make a “come back” at the 2014 Fitness Universe competition. My fitness friends who had not seen me in over 3 years were blown away. They were taken aback by my physical transformation. And, I can very proudly say that this was the year I placed in the Top 5 at Fitness Universe!

Unfortunately, I did not enter the Isabody challenge when I initially started in March – I SHOULD HAVE! But, I figured better late than never.   My goal after Universe was to NOT “post-show rebound.” Meaning, I did not want to blow up like a balloon and resort way back to my love/hate relationship with food.

Enter in the Energy and Performance Pak. It was my job now to put this Pak to the test. Could I build more muscle mass AND improve my endurance, strength and stamina for ANOTHER fitness show?!

Aubrey Lynn AwardHeck YES I could! In 16 weeks I have been able to DOUBLE the amount of pull ups – I can now do 10 unassisted pull ups in a row! My 1 minute push-up test improved by 16 reps! My abdominal endurance test increased from 57 to 64 crunches in 1 minute! AND…drum roll please…at the June Fitness Universe show I weighed approximated 125 pounds and was 10.4% body fat. TODAY I am 132 pounds and 9% body fat!!! You know what that means?! Gains baby!! I GAINED 7 pounds of lean muscle and I am rip roarin’ to go to show-off my hard work at the 2014 Fitness America Pageant in Las Vegas on November 21st.

Thanks to Isagenix, coaching my clients has become easier and extremely more fulfilling because people are adhering to the program! I am now able to help MORE people with my organized 30 Day Incentive Promotions that I host from my fitness studio. I continue to gather success story after success story. And I most definitely reinforce the message of immediately registering for the Isabody Challenge. Don’t wait like I did!

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