nutritionAs soon as I began personal training people in my early 20’s, I quickly realized that 80% of my clients’ results depended upon how they were eating.   No matter how hard or how often you exercise, you can’t “out run” poor eating habits. I have seen countless numbers of fad diets come and go…I’ve tried some of them throughout the years and have learned that all of them work – IF you stick to the plan for the rest of your life. Very few fad diets are balanced, realistic, nourishing or can last a lifetime.

So many mixed messages lead to confusion and doubt regarding nutrition. Because of this, I quickly made the decision to earn my Nutrition Specialist Certification with the American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists in order to prescribe meal plans for the general population. My initial approach to helping you establish a better relationship with food is to first get to know you and your habits. Then, we focus on instinctive eating – basically eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Sounds simple, right? From here we will work together to establish a realistic approach to eating while at the same time losing weight, losing body fat, and gaining muscle mass, etc.

Note: It’s important to work with an experienced and certified personal trainer AND nutrition specialist or registered dietitian. Be sure to ask for qualifications when working with a trainer – they may think they can tell you specifically how to eat, but if they are not certified in Nutrition, they legally cannot give you meal plans and I highly recommend to seek another professional who is qualified to do so…that is if you don’t decide to choose me!