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 Competition Training Packages for Physique, Figure, Fitness, Bikini and Model competitors…and YES – Pole Dancers and Pageant girls too!

Join the “A Team!``

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  • Includes one phone consultation OR live 60-minute session with Aubrey; nutrition program that will be altered based on clients progress, exercise prescription, 6 virtual check-ins/online coaching appointments

  • Posing and fitness routine choreography will be done via email through videos

  • Includes access to the “A Team” private Facebook support group

6 Pack Posing!

Great If You Live Nearby
  • Six, one-on-one, 30 minute Live Posing Sessions

  • Great for Fitness/Figure/Physique/Bikini/Models

  • Sessions done with aubrey worek, 2015 Fitness America Champion and Pro

  • local Only

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  • Buy a 1:1 session: $97 for a one-on-one, 60 minute session

  • Buy a 2:1 session: $49 per person for a live, 60 minute session for two people

  • Schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation to see what is right for you!

NEW! The Post-Show 6 Pack!

Do not let the “post-show blues” happen to you!
  • 6 consecutive eCheck-ins to assist you in safely and successfully reversing your diet to maintain a healthy body weight and body image after the big day!

  • One LIVE phone Session with Aubrey consisting of post-show feedback, discussion of next steps and future goals, review of your personal dietary step-down program.

  • Avoid binge eating, excessive weight gain, and poor self-image by taking six weeks to transition back to a realistic approach to living a fitness competitors’ lifestyle in the “improvement/off season.”

Testimonials for Aubrey Worek

Julie T.
Julie T.

“The comeback is always STRONGER than the setback”

Christine Yoder knows first hand how true this statement is! Coming back from a setback is HARD, but We Can Do Hard Things!

Christine competed in her first OCB show in the Spring of 2018 under Aubrey’s coaching and LOVED the experience. A couple surgeries, a year of rotator cuff rehabilitation, and a diagnosis of arthritis in knees and hips lead to not being able to compete in 2019 and weight gain that she was not happy with. She wanted to change that and at the beginning of this year she entered into the 2020 Spring OCB competition. She knew that signing up for the show and Aubrey’s program would give her the motivation needed to make these changes. Bonus- her good friend and neighbor Jackie signed up for the program and competition as well. “I had the extra incentive and accountability of having a training buddy.”

Christine feels the accountability and positive coaching and feedback is crucial for her success so she began the Aubrey Worek 13 Week Showdown program in January. She trained with a nutrition and exercise program tailored for her by Aubrey- A mix of fasted cardio, strength training, focus on Abs, stretching, and Yoga. She also incorporated Isagenix products in with her nutrition. She tries to attend two or more classes a week at FitnessEnvi -at first in the studio and after the shutdown she continued with FE virtually. In addition to the nutrition and exercise, she begins each day with gratitude, meditation, and visualization- elements she deems key to her achievements.

Even with the show being postponed and then changed to virtual, her goals remained steadfast- to be better than she was before and be in great shape for boating season. She was however disappointed not for herself but for her fellow FE friends Jackie and Julie who were doing their first show. She wanted them to have the same great live experience and make friends and connections like she did with her first show. “I felt like a sparkly queen (I love sparkles)!” She is grateful though that they all got to showcase their hard work and dedication virtually and both Jackie and her are planning on doing the Spring 2021 show!

Christine Y.
Christine Y.

Jackie Y.
Jackie Y.

I first Started My nutritional Journey in January of 2018 With Aubrey. I decided to participated in her online program. Aubrey seemed to have a different approach that really inspired me to take the challenge and try a totally new approach. Aubrey had a nutritional talk at her studio where she spoke about blood-type eating and microbiome. That really interested me . It was more about your health and feeling your best. So the Journey began, a friend and I jumped on the journey. Aubrey met with us discussed what foods were good for our blood types and had tons of suggestions on what to prepare and try. She gave us a workout program that is super unique and not boring always a challenge but can be modified. Her online program has made me accountable with my food choices, my measurements and my weight and weekly check-ins. I am a busy Salon owner, Diet and exercise are not new to me I have been exercising my whole life 5-7 days a week trying to reach that perfect weight and size.

I could never understand why I couldn’t shrink down. When Aubrey showed me that I should be eating 5 meals a day I realized I was not eating enough each day and overeating on others. I have found a balance now. Aubrey has taught me tricks to meal preps, and awesome recipes. I also made a vision board that made me accountable every day I would make a commitment to myself for a better lifestyle all around. The difference between Aubrey’s program and others is that it can be a life changing experience if you listen to her advice. The inner strength that happened during these two years priceless. The thing I enjoy are spending time with my family, exercise, yoga, cooking healthy meals . I am blessed with a great husband and three beautiful young adult children. I am the youngest of 8 children. My favorite Quote is “Let Go and Let God’. I Would like to share that this journey with Aubrey has made me physically and emotionally stronger.

I am blessed and thankful to have her guidance in my life.

Theresa Z.
Theresa Z.

Aubrey has fitness competition preparation down to a science. She took me from flab to fab with a customized meal and workout plan and kept me accountable with regular check-ins and posing sessions. At 46, I was just looking to step outside of my comfort zone with my first bikini competition, but Aubrey got me into the best shape of my life in a safe and healthy manner, and I look forward to doing more in the future with her assistance. I never thought I could stand on a stage in a tiny bikini with everyone looking at me, but Aubrey gave me the confidence to shine.

Christine Yoder