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Food Rehab: Part 1

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 Food rehab

Learn my 5 Ways to Survive the Holidays and NOT Gain Weight, as seen in FitFigures Magazine!



Listen and Learn my 5 Techniques to Stress Less and Attract More of What you Desire in Life!                                                                  SunRise





FOOD REHAB Part 2:  “I don’t Diet, I live Clean.”  Listen now to learn 4 ways to stop dieting and to start living the life you deserve!  

I don't diet






5 Ways to Breakthrough a Fitness or Weight Loss Plateau!  Listen here!  





7 Simple Solutions to Make Exercise an Urgent Habit!  Listen now for free!

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6 Steps to Set Yourself Apart from the Fitness Pack AND get paid what you deserve in an underpaid profession!  As featured with the National Academy of Sports Medicine...Listen below!