Smoke & Mirrors: The age of extreme filters

Ok, I’m gonna put this out there – how many different filters do you try before you post a pic of yourself? Or, how many selfies do you take till you get “the perfect one”? Have you ever had a professional photo shoot before? Even a basic one with a professional photographer for your holiday cards?
Nowadays we have quick and user friendly apps/tools that we can use to make ourselves look like a celebrity within seconds. My most recent shoot and several of my past fitness shoots have been UNEDITED and I plan to keep them that way. HOWEVER, the photographer knows how to use lighting to his/her advantage to make you look amazing. And, if you’ve practiced posing in front of a mirror, you may know your “best angles.” I rarely post a pic of me that is unflattering….but WHY?! Well, b/c I don’t want to be negatively criticized and I’m sure you don’t either. For the majority of my shoots I have dieted down to reduce my body fat. I have a spray tan, make-up, hair extensions, fake lashes, and really good padded sports bras.

I am not Queen B and I did not “wake up like this”!

The problem is WE ALL play the game and do it! I’m all for posting a pic of me when I roll outta bed – but heck, do you really wanna “like” or follow that?!


Take a look at these celebrity shots in the link below. Now, this is EXTREME. For fitness photography they want you lean and nearly perfect so they don’t have to knock-off 15 pounds from your belly. But these poor celebs take a beating…I do think it’s important to know – we are all human and need to be kinder when we see these things (untouched photos).

But if you want to look good on social media, work on your posing and filters.

If you want to look and feel good in REAL LIFE, give me call. 

This is why you too can be a celebrity!

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