Tasty Tuna Steak Lettuce Wrap

Try this easy, light and refreshing meal for lunch or dinner!  Not a lot of prep and only a few ingredients makes for a winning combination. 


2 wild caught Tuna steaks
Organic Romaine lettuce
1 organic tomato
1 organic avocado
1/4c Organic full fat sour cream
Hot sauce to taste
Himalayan pink salt and pepper


1. Season tuna with salt and pepper
2. Sear tuna in pan over medium heat to your desired likeness.
3. Wash vegetables
4. Pull off lettuce leaves without ripping them and dice tomato and avocado
5. Mix sour cream with your favorite hot sauce
6. Remove tuna from pan, slice
7. Fill lettuce leaf with tuna, tomato, avocado, and top with sour cream

Nutrition Info:
Makes 6 wraps, 1 serving is 3 wraps
Total Calories 349.5
Total Carbohydrates 12g
Total Fat 20.57g
Protein 30.55g