Transformations are for everyone – with Candice Hill-Anderson

Is this you?

It’s Monday morning, the start of a new week – a NEW YOU.  This is THE moment when you start fresh.  No more “bad” food…never gonna drink alcohol again…gonna wake up before the sun rises to get to the gym…and YES, drink a gallon of water a day.

Because you’re SICK of IT.  You’re just over the way you feel when Sunday night rolls around.

But then after you make all these “perfect” changes on Monday, suddenly night falls…and your inner Cookie Monster comes BACK.

The vicious cycle of all or nothing continues.

Well, you’re not alone unless you choose to be.  We all have the right to choose what we want to eat, when we want it, and how much we want.  However choosing to live in the body you deserve and desire comes with a cost – and yes that means putting a little extra money aside or cost shift some things in order get to your goal.

Our MAIN problem in America today is we disconnect our mind and spirit from our physical body.  And guess what?  It’s all ONE PIECE.  When there is a disconnect, we have a loss of self-awareness, self-respect, and we are telling ourselves that to reach a goal (let’s say a weight loss goal) is only physical.  When in reality it has EVERYTHING to do with your mental and spiritual self.  Which is the foundation of being able to display the physical part of any transformation.

Please welcome one of my many fabulous clients, Candice to my blog.  She is as cool and as sweet as her picture above and I also had the great pleasure working with her sister, Sarah,  who inspired her to compete in a fitness competition.

Candi’s story is one that she was willing to share with anyone who chooses to learn of it in hopes that you too can come to the reality that it IS possible to choose to live in the body (and I mean body/mind/spirit) that you desire.  Candice made a decision one day to break-up with her identity of being overweight and unhealthy.  She decided to actively participate in a lifestyle that brought her joy.  Although this choice and journey was not easy, she hired me to coach her to be a better version of herself.

There is no end to her journey…or yours or mine for that matter.  Rather she took a turn towards a lifestyle of no longer playing the victim role while working on shrinking her depression.

Her story is below…

My battle to look like the next fit chick monopolized my time and energy. Jumping from one diet to another stole not only my money from me, it stole my peace of mind. My name is Candice Hill-Anderson and depression tried to hinder my weight loss journey. Depression isn’t just feeling blue, but pulling the life out of you one day at a time. The things I use to enjoy were no longer fun and I second guessed if I was capable of completing the total 12 weeks of this competition.
My coach Aubrey not only gave me the tools to reach my fitness goals, but she also made sure I became successful in all areas.
In this challenge the hardships I’ve endured no longer define me. Yes I still suffer from depression, it doesn’t go away. With the power of prayer and wanting to be a better Candi I won’t let the stamp of depression be marked on me. I’ve been given the skills and knowledge to stop mourning those pieces of my old body and begin celebrating the pieces of my new one. Aubrey taught me to train my mind just as hard, if not harder as my body.
We created goals and I visualize the success every step I take. When my mind started to line up so did my body. No matter the outcome here today, I know I’ve already won, because I didn’t let depression take me out of the game. #Mytransformationstory has just begun.

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