Turning failure into fire. Diary of a Fit Postpartum Chick

This is me – at my worst moment on my best day.


I’ve been wanting to get these thoughts out of my head for months.  My son is approaching 9 months old and every day he is literally a new person.  I look at him and wonder, “Who the heck are you?  Are you really mine?  Did I really grow you?”

Questions like these constantly swirl around in my mind.  And feelings of complete uncertainty do as well.

You see, I finally feel like I have declared my truth.  My ultimate failure at my worst moment on my best day when my son, Roman, was born.

Recently I had the privilege of attending one of the most powerful self-development and wellness conferences I have ever had the opportunity to participate in.  It was at this event during an awakening presentation where I peeled off layers of what I call “my unconfident clothes” to admit that I never felt as much like a failure as I did the day of my son’s birth.

This is not a blog to pity me or “feel bad,” etc.  Quite opposite.  My purpose is to admit that I was off-course, but have now turned back onto the road I was on…the path where I am meant to be.

I know – Aubrey you had/have a beautiful healthy boy, WTF are you so insecure about?!

Honestly, my labor experience brought me back to six years ago when I had my life changed in a matter of minutes.  The day my corporate wellness company shattered and I lost literally everything I had built-up over three years with the snap of two fingers.

In hindsight, I see where the life lesson of my corporate wellness company “failing” prepared me for my son’s birth.  I prepared tremendously for my son’s birthday just as all moms do.  The desire inside of me was to deliver this little boy naturally.  Although I labored with all my might for over 3 days, I could not fulfill my expectations.

30 % of all women have cesarean deliveries. And WOW, I had no idea how I would process this internally.   For the last 8 months I shut down my identity as a sexual person, I mentally tormented myself into a place of sheer disgust and disappointment.  I became an enemy to myself.

Everything around me began to die (at least it felt this way) and suffer.  My relationships, my business, and myself.

Do I feel guilty for feeling this way?  

YES!  Jeez, I was raised Roman Catholic – I feel guilty for literally everything I do!  As I recently realized at a Tony Robbins event: My favorite flavor of suffering is GUILT!

Why did I feel like a failure?

At this point, it does not matter.  I am entitled to my feelings.  Even if you view them as “wrong.”  I am admitting that I felt this way.

How will I break this cycle?  

I promise to work on it every damn day.  Just as I have cultivated this evil habit of self-deprecation, I am working to create a new habit to take charge of my life again – just like I did after parting ways with my old corporate wellness company; instead of completely giving up hope and telling myself I could never have a business as successful as that one again, I chose to keep my business and turn it into something even more special and unique than I could ever hope for – I grew a studio that houses a fitness family and has brought me daily joy.  My worst moment on my best day has been a blessing.  You have heard plenty of stories similar to mine before…over and over.

Our worst moments on our best days are a blessing.  My interpretation of getting served a shit sandwich is this:  Either you keep taking bites and eating that shit, OR you order something else on the damn menu.

Waiter, check, please!  

It is because of my son AND super-supportive-amazing-outstanding-handsome-talented husband that I choose to be the person I KNOW I am.

I – just like YOU – am meant to continue to do amazing things.

I – just like YOU – will continue to improve lives.

I – just like YOU – am here for a purpose bigger than my body.

I – just like YOU – choose to transfer my thoughts of failure into a fuel that will grow my fire and turn the story of my life into a lasting legacy.

What real-life example can you share that will release you from your past and set you free to embark on your true desired future?



  • Dena Campbell

    You can do it Aubrey! You’re not a failure at all. You inspire so many people! !!!!!!!! Love yourself beautiful lady:)

  • Lora Marra

    Very impowering words! May your beautiful journey continue to inspire you and help others.
    God bless you.

  • Joanne

    Love it Aubrey! We are all on a journey of self discovery throughout our lives and if we aren’t learning and growing, we are dying. You are an inspiration to me and many others. I truly appreciate you Aubrey. You are a lovely person inside and out! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!!

  • Wendy Wiesen-Chapman

    Along life’s path I’ve been blessed with wonderful people entering my life. I count you as a blessing.

    • Aubrey Worek

      Thank you so much, Wendy! You are amazing and I feel fortunate to be apart of your current journey.

  • fitpunky

    This is beyond amazing and your transparency is setting you free along with others that needed to read this! Proud of you, love!!! Xo

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