My approach to wellness coaching starts with getting to know you and clearly defining your needs and interests. During our first consultation we’ll discuss the challenges that you’ve had in the past that have prevented you from reaching your goals.

As a certified ACSM Exercise Physiologist, I focus on realistic behavior change – nothing extreme. My theory provides you with the necessary tools that you can integrate into your lifestyle so you can live in the body you deserve for the rest of your life. We will map-out your specific plan and put a time-frame on your goal(s). I will guide and support you week-to-week and help coach you towards becoming your absolute best.

We will work together to find balance with your exercise program and eating choices. Our first session is either live or over the phone (depending on where you live). Each week we will have email communications and use accountability pictures that will guarantee results! My personal training motto is, “Establish balance between work, play, and every day.” I recommend my 6 Pack Transformation Program to get you started! After 6 weeks, we’ll take it from there to determine your next steps!

Transformation Program

6 weeks
  • Includes one phone consultation OR live 60-minute fitness assessment with Aubrey

  • Nutrition program that will be altered based on clients progress

  • Exercise prescription/workout program

  • 6 virtual check-ins/online coaching appointments designed at helping you reach your goals

  • Includes access to Aubrey’s private Facebook support group

Ala Carte

Choose What's Best For You
  • Buy a 1:1 session: $85 for a live, one-on-one, 60 minute session

  • Buy a 2:1 session: $50 per person for a live, 60 minute session for two people

  • Buy a phone consultation: $75 for a 60 minute phone consultation with Aubrey

$85 (Starting)

Testimonials for Aubrey Worek

Aubrey has fitness competition preparation down to a science. She took me from flab to fab with a customized meal and workout plan and kept me accountable with regular check-ins and posing sessions. At 46, I was just looking to step outside of my comfort zone with my first bikini competition, but Aubrey got me into the best shape of my life in a safe and healthy manner, and I look forward to doing more in the future with her assistance. I never thought I could stand on a stage in a tiny bikini with everyone looking at me, but Aubrey gave me the confidence to shine.

Christine Yoder

After two years taking classes at Aubrey’s studio, I developed confidence in my ability to achieve any goal I set my mind on. I decided to compete in the Fitness & Bikini Routine category, for my very first time. Aubrey guided me every step of the way from workouts, diet, and posing, to choreography, make-up, and hair. With her coaching program, I placed fourth in fitness and third in bikini! One thing that I love about Aubrey, is that is does not believe in “diets”, she believes in lifestyle changes. From the beginning of my training to hitting the stage, I released nearly 15 pounds and have been able to maintain a majority of my loss with the post-show nutrition plan she provided me. I can’t wait to see what great things I can accomplish next with the help of Aubrey!

Shanna G.
Shanna G.Teacher

Aubrey Worek-DeStephen has been an amazing and awesome posing instructor. Her knowledge and experience come from years of cultivating a successful career in the field of competitive fitness. Aubrey’s constructive feedback and support has helped me to improve my stage presence and I highly recommend this multi-faceted, talented and phenomenal coach. If you are looking to be classy and sassy on the stage and bring out the best you, Aubrey will help take you there!

Stacy-Ann Chan
Stacy-Ann Chan, MBA, CPSM, C.P.M.Senior Analyst

I love what Aubrey has done for me personally. Through her variety of training programs and specific and easy to do nutrition plans, I’ve gained more respect for myself, more confidence in my capabilities, physical strength that I wouldn’t have developed on my own in a gym, friendships, and all within a comfortable atmosphere. My mind and body is much improved since incorporating Aubrey’s techniques into my life. All of which are reasons I keep coming back for more!

Tara Klosnick
Tara Klosnick, Senior Strategic Sourcing Specialist

In May of 2015, I entered my first fitness competition, and thanks to Aubrey I had all the information and training needed for the big day – right down to my hair and makeup. Along with a great workout plan and wonderfully choreographed fitness routine, Aubrey provided me with all the tools necessary to be successful. And at the age of 48, I placed in both the fitness and classic bikini division!

Debbie Garbin
Debbie Garbin, Owner of Mama G’s Diner