What should I wear to class?

Posing Sessionsshorts and a sports bra/tank top are suitable. Also, a regular bathing suit is fine. If you have purchased a Bikini or Figure Competition suit, please bring it to wear. High heels are a must! Bring your 5″ clear heels, otherwise a basic pair of heels will suffice if you’re a newbie








faqs-yoga-classYoga – comfortable yoga attire/sweat pants, and breathable clothing.
NOTE:  Yoga mats, blocks, straps, and other helpful props are all provided for no additional cost at our studio!






faqs-bootcampBootcamps – comfortable workout attire and CLEAN, supportive sneakers.  Please bring a small towel, bottle of water, and a positive attitude!
NOTE:  we also sell bottled water at the studio for $1.







All other classes – dress in whatever you feel comfy in exercising!  All other classes bare feet are fine. Socks and leg warmers are recommended.

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