3 Simple Steps to Food Prep when you, “Ain’t got time for that!”

Do you struggle with sticking to your healthy lifestyle because your life is as crazy-busy as mine?  Or maybe you’ve thought about getting a membership to one of those fancy food prep companies that are absolutely awesome but just not fitting into your budget?

Perhaps you are really like me and have the best intentions in the world to prepare your meals ahead of time for an entire week, but you get so overwhelmed you just end up saying, “Screw it, I don’t want to do it!”

Ok, so RELAX.  I feel you…been there, done that/didn’t do it. But I’m here to help you focus and K.I.S.S. My version of this acronym stands for, Keep It Simple so you will Succeed.

Try my Top 3 Tips to prep ahead for this week in order to fuel your body with better food choices vs. falling victim to fast foods, processed foods, or fake foods.

  1.  InstaPot it OR Crock Pot it!  That’s right, dust off your old slow cooker and put on your chef hat. Clients always ask me for recipes for my meals and honestly, I never have the same thing twice because I play the role of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets (maybe not as messy).  So here’s what I suggest you to do.  Always buy a good protein source; buy enough that will last you 3 days.  For example, I’ll buy 3 packs of lean, organic ground turkey  meat along with pre-cut onions and celery.  Next I put on some cooking gloves (because I despise touching any raw meat) and mix up the meat and pre-cut veggies in the pot.  I throw in my favorite seasonings such as hot sauce, garlic, soy sauce, veggie broth, or other fresh herbs – doesn’t matter, you can’t screw this up!  Crack an egg in there with maybe a little broth so it’s not dry and – POOF – you’ve got the fastest-made meatloaf on the planet.  Depending on your time crunch, set your crock on high heat if you need it done within 2 hours.  *Notice I’m not giving you all the step-by-step-by-step instructions; because who has time for THAT?!
  2. Boil it!  If you haven’t been eating your veggies for whatever reason, be sure to purchase pre-cut and pre-washed green beans and broccoli.  Fill a pot halfway with water, place on high heat on your stove and wait till it comes to a boil.  Throw in your veggies that you want to cook and once they turn a brighter shade of green (it won’t take long), turn down the temp and wait for the water to stop bubbling.  Pour the veggies and hot water out into a colander in the sink and drizzle on some of your favorite organic oil to add flavor.  And there you have it – your greens for a few days.  Repeat this with your grains too!  Brown rice, quinoa, oats, etc.  I don’t even measure the water to starch ratio sometimes (#sorry/notsorry).  I just boil, throw in the grains and once they’re fully cooked pour off the excess H2O.  I keep my pot o’ grains in the fridge with a measuring cup so when I need to pack up my food or reheat my lunch, it’s super easy to stick to my portion size.
  3. Wash it!  Buy some fruits of your choice and dump them in a big colander.  Spray them with an organic fruit/veggie cleaner and rinse off two minutes later.  Then your fruits are ready-to-go for the next few days.

Again, I’m not elaborating on every little thing here, folks.  Remember to, K.I.S.S.  And keep in mind you just need enough food to get you through a few days.  Do not think it all has to be done and perfect for the week.  Now, I do have a few other tips that are significant to apply to your food prep.  Check it out…

  • Measure your protein – just one piece.  Get a food scale out and once your meatloaf is done, I need you to cut a few pieces of it and measure out 4 – 6 oz (dependent upon how much protein you wish to eat per meal.  I typically do 4 oz per serving size).  Put this piece in a baggie or container and then start to cut up your other pieces based on the size of your original.  You don’t even need to weigh it again, simply do a side-by-side comparison.  I’ve done this trick for years and have spot checked myself and literally every time I am RIGHT ON with my 4 oz measurements.
  • Put on your big girl (or boy) pants and pack your lunch.  Take 3 little minutes before you rush out of the house to throw your food into a cooler bag and take it with you for your day.  You used to do this when you were a kid, right?  Well, I did!  I loved having the opportunity to pack my lunch vs. eat the crap-a** school food.  Just do it.
  • Sound the Lunk Alarm and drink from a gallon jug.  Yep, don’t knock it till you try it. Buy a few gallons of distilled water and keep at least one in your car at all times.  You can either carry the gallon with you everywhere you go like me, or transfer the water to your favorite/fun water bottle and don’t stop drinking till the gallon is empty.  And please, stop crying about the fact you’re always peeing – we get it.  For more on water, please read the best water to drink!
  • Try Isagenix.  Come on, I had to put this in here!  I eat 6 times a day and let me tell you, having a delicious meal replacement shake or bar is a TREAT for me!  Not to mention they offer best nutritional supplement products I have found (and believe me, I’ve tried ’em all).  If you truly “ain’t got time” to food prep, Isagenix shakes only need water and nothing else.  They blend easily without the need of a blender, and they are void of fake ingredients and offer the best, most absorbable protein you can find (undenatured).  Comment below if you want more deets, but know that incorporating these products has helped me and my clients stay consistent with my nutrition.  And we ALL got time for THAT.
  • Always have these items in your shopping cart and shop and every 3 days to replenish what you need:
    • 3 Gallons of distilled water (I do recommend adding lemon/lime and pink salt)
    • 3 packs of your favorite meat OR if you have access to great seafood, 3 fish fillets
    • Pre-cut and or pre-washed veggies such as onions, celery, carrots, basil, mushrooms, spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, broccoli, and green beans
    • 1 container of Non-gmo veggie, chicken or beef broth
    • 1 dozen Organic eggs
    • 1 container of Egg whites
    • Essential seasonings and condiments like garlic powder, cayenne pepper, ginger, low-sodium soy sauce, hot sauce, balsamic vinegar, etc.
    • 2 of your favorite fruits (don’t buy a ton b/c you may not eat it all)- mine favorites are grapefruit and small, organic apples
    • 1 grain source – oats, quinoa, brown rice, whole grain pasta, Ezekiel bread, etc.
    • Cooking spray
    • 1 bottle of your favorite non-heat oil to pour on your veggies because you need healthy fats in your diet!

And that’s a wrap!  Now, go out to the store during a non-peak time and stay focused on this list. If you follow my 3 Tips, I know you’ll succeed this week!

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