Guilt-Free Chocolate Protein Crepe!

  • Enjoy this chocolate crepe morning, noon, or night! I conjured this up a few years ago trying to satisfy my sweet tooth when dieting for a fitness show. I fell in love with it and hope you do too. There are so many variations on this, depending on your own personal taste as well as any nutrition requirements you need…so read to the bottom for some “guilt-free” add ons!
    Nutrition Facts: 99 Calories, 15 grams of Protein, 4 grams of Carbs, 2 grams of Fat, 3 grams of sugar
    Cook Time: 3 minutes
    Prep Time: 2 minutes
    Number of Servings: 1
    This easy recipe has been approved by both my foodie friends and my fitness competitor pals (who enjoy this crepe on and off season)! Delish!