How to drink 1/2 gallon of H20 per day – the healthy way!

Once-upon-a-time I drank very little water.  In fact, I remember as a teenager drinking zero water and only drinking milk or Pepsi!  Whaaat and why?!

It was because I did not have a strategy, habit, OR a real reason to consume a certain number of ounces per day. I had no “WHY.”

Along the various fitness-freaky stages of my life, I starting to become a waterbottle snob.  Some waterbottles made it more enjoyable or easy for me to reach my personal goal of 1 gallon per day, while others got tossed in the trash within weeks of their purchase.

After college I succumbed to the “Gallon Jug Club.  I literally carried around a gallon jug like it was my baby everywhere I went.  I looked pretty ridiculous, but I didn’t care because I was getting in ALL of my precious water.  It was the easiest way for me to guarantee I would hit my target every day.  I did this technique for years up until I started researching more about WATER.

I began looking-up the different types of water, what water vessels/bottles are best to drink from, etc.  Now, I was clearly aware that drinking from crappy plastic was not the best choice – BUT I thought it was a good enough choice and better than TAP, that’s for hell sure.

The new technique I have adopted and want to share with YOU and all of my clients is my, TWO-GLASS-MASON-JARS-PER-DAY plan.

Why two glass Mason jars?

Well, it’s waaaay less intimidating than try to consistently consume a big a** gallon jug of water.  I think it is also a bit more classy; plus, you are drinking from glass, NOT plastic.

Here is your plan…

  •  Choose 2 large Mason jars that hold 4 cups of liquid each.  Fill them up with your best version of water (i.e. purified, reverse osmosis + alkalized) and sip or chug through your day.  Be sure to add FRESH squeezed organic lemon or lime to each jar (1/2 lemon per jar or 1 whole lime). 

This easily gets you into the 1/2 a-gallon-per-day-club!  Congratulations!

Thirsting for more?  Good, you are ready to for the next step and adding your next jar.  4 large Mason jars = 1 gallon. 

Bottom line – if you are struggling for a way to get your water IN, please try this EASY Mason jar technique this week and comment below on how well you did!

Good luck, and I’ll see you in line to the bathroom 😉


P.S.  Want the REAL FACTS as to WHY Tap Water is CRAP?  Listen to THIS during your next drive-time or cardio -sesh!  

*My current favorite water vessel btw is THIS ONE plus this CAP.



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